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Packages and Pricing

Body Fuel Therapy offers a multitude of services offered, all of which are packaged together and priced below. To follow up with one of these packages, you can...

Hypnosis Session

1 - 1.5 hours, $195



A block of 60-90 minutes designated to your personalized hypnosis session. Hypnosis can be used to help with a large plethora of ailments, habits, and parts of your life you are dissatisfied with. (Read more about the specific benefits and possibilities of hypnosis here.) Included with relaxing ambient noise and aromatherapy, this package is available for $195.00.

Massage Session




Take an hour to let yourself be pampered and escape with a full-body massage. You can book an appointment for this package today at $140.00.

1 hour, $140

Massage + Hypnosis Session

1 hour massage followed by hypnosis session, $300

1.5 hour massage followed by hypnosis session, $400

2 hour massage followed by hypnosis session, $495




The ideal and signature package of Body Fuel Therapy, an impeccable combination of both mind-releasing hypnosis and a massage to give the most rewarding result. The massage portion of this package is meant to relax the mind and body, putting you into a state of ultimate subconsciousness with the help of calming, suggestive speaking on my end. (For a list of possible topics of your hypnosis session, look here.) This package starts at $300, gradually increasing as your session lengthens in time, though the high quality and contents of the session remain consistent.

Half-Day Spa Session

Half-Day, $595



The ultimate getaway for any Body Fuel Friend that needs some me-time. I'll put your mind and body at ease with a massage session, a hypnosis session, a salt-scrub treatment, and a full-body wrap. You can expect a tranquil environment complete with calming music and ambient noise to relax in and take a retreat for a significant portion of your day. The pricing for this package is $595.

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