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Body Fuel Therapy

Hypnosis and Massage Therapy Services

A combination of hypnosis and massage to care for a plethora of ailments, habits, and other areas of your life you are ready to make a change in. 


Marcus Aurelius

This is essentially the basis of BFT. Hypnosis is designed to tap into your subconscious, and access potentials you'd otherwise not be able to reach. I help you do this with relaxation techniques, including massage therapy, verbal encouragement, and soothing voice.

"Our life is what our thoughts make it."


Unlock Your Best Self

Start your journey to the lifestyle you have always yearned for.

Using the proven and effective combination of massage and hypnosis, all becomes possible. You have the power to quit habits such as smoking, alcoholism or drug addiction. You can alleviate physical pain, even chronic pain. You can drastically reduce symptoms of psychological disorders and mental illness, and at times fully rid yourself of the condition. (See more examples of uses here.) You are in full control of your body, even if not consciously. Centuries of research shows the true capabilities of the human brain, and I'm here to empower you with the ability to choose the direction of the journey of your life.

Services by Body Fuel Therapy

Choose either path to wellness to get a unique and fulfilling experience.


Make an Appointment

Enter the safe space and relax as I guide your subconscious into unlocking your true potential. Experience all the physiological benefits of hypnosis and massage therapy by booking an appointment, or requesting more information such as availability or location. I hope to see you soon!


Relax from Home

Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being free and happy. By listening to recorded sessions complete with ambient noise and soothing voice from home, you can benefit from the flexibility and familiarity of being in your personal space. Contact me for any personalization requests you may have, as I am able to help with your specific needs.

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